There’s 1 slogan printed on our uniform: “What if your job was changing the nation?”
As for me, I think that this job is changing me first. I can feel the change inside of me, truly…

1. When you eager to learn, there’s a way.
– Hi teacher! When will you teach my class?
– I’m so sorry, but I just teach my 3rd graders.
– Why not us????
– Do you want to study with me?
– Yeahhhh
– Ok, who wants to join me, let’s come in.
That’s the way these so cute 4th graders joined my class at break time. We have a small circle sitting on the floor and learning together. It’s the very first time they’ve got to know English. Looking at their sparkling eyes, I forgot that I had to survive during 4 consecutive periods this afternoon.

(- Teacher! Could you take a photo for us, plz!.
– Of course. Ah, If I post this pic on my Fb wall, is it Ok? I need your permission.
– Yep. And could you give me your facebook username?
OMG =)))

2. Conflict among students
– Teacher, the conflict in the previous school day was already resolved. Thanks to your suggestion, I did talk with the monitor of the other class and we reconciled with each other.
– Wow, thanks a million. I’ll have a talk with you later to learn from your way of solving a conflict.

His statement made my day. I was so stressed on the day they had a physical conflict with each other. I had a small talk with 1 involved one. At that time, I didn’t know about the 4-step solving conflict among students. I just placed me in their positions and talked instinctively. What a luck! It worked.
=> Children always have their own ways to process a problem. Just believe in them and put yourself in their shoes.

8 Nov 2018

Oanh Dương – Fellow of Teach For Vietnam