“They were helping each other so that the whole class would reach the goal of the lesson: to read 15 words. They were eager to learn and eager to help. In that moment, looking at the eyes of a little boy with his little mouth trying to “explain” s-o-b-sob to his friend, my heart just melted.
– Class, while some of you can read 15 words already, some just can read 8 words. How much is the gap?
– 7 words.
– If we stop here and move to the next interesting thing to read, some will be left behind. Can you guys suggest some ideas?
– We can help each other.
– Nice idea. And how to help?
– Those who can read teach those that can not.
– Good. Any ideas else?
– We can review these words together.
– Okay. They all are good ideas. Let’s do it… Now when I say “Go”, pick one and you guys have 15 mins till number 9.
At the end of the class, the boy who nearly always gets 50% in assessment came to me and proudly said:
– Teacher, I can read 15 words already!
– Congratulations! Are you happy?
– Yes! – He smiled genuinely.
“So am I” – I thought. Now, writing this, I wish I had told him about that.”
Le’s sharing – Fellow Batch 1 of Teach For Vietnam