A couple of quick excerpts from her sharing note when joining VCIL Travel School 2018: Journey to Happy and Sustainable Education bringing educators, teachers and students in Vietnam to Combodia and Thailand for 10 days field trip (06-16 Sep, 2018) under the theme of alternative, sustainable and well-being education.

VCIL Travel School is a program from VCI, which uses experiential learning as a tool for education. At VCIL Travel School, learners will be brought to different places in different countries to immerse in enviroment, to talk, discuss and do lecture with expert in different areas.

..”On the last two days visiting the Mindful Market, I felt very happy because there are still a lot of people making a change for society. From the seed keepers, young people, farmers,, especially the poor and middle class are trying to attain the most basic right, the right to have a good health.

In the forums, the one who inspired me most was Colin Gonsalves, a lawyer in India. His story is about the fighting for farmers’ rights. It gave me a broader perspective on human rights. Have I ever questioned the quality of food, the right to have clean food? Loving yourself is the first thing in life but it starts with taking care of yourself. I might start planting trees and make some small changes for our community…”

Ms. Dung Vo, English Fellow at Teach For Vietnam