The first day in our Summer School has given us a lot of emotions…

Fellows’s sharing their feelings after the first day in Summer School:

“[Just trying to save a moment]
Today’s our very first day of Summer School. At the end of the day, we let students do the “Exit Ticket” in which they told us which activities in the class today you like/don’t like. And we got the below….

Well, we had a problem at first and I wasn’t at my highest mood. But thanks to all of our little cuties and especially my awesome teammates, we brought everything back together. Our lesson was not perfect. There are things we still need to work on. But today we did a great job guys, for people both at the front or the back battle. Just want to say thank you for having a chance to work with all of you as a team and getting a lot support from you!
“Well done, Team!” ”
Kha Trang – Fellow Batch 2 of Teach For Vietnam


“He decided that he would travel to America one day.

He was not in the list for Summer School but he came to class watching others from the window with a smile in his face and a light in his eyes. I asked him if he wanted to join us. He hesitantly said “No” and intended to go away. 2 times. But then it seemed that he could not resist the world inside the classroom. He followed me, firstly sit at the back, secondly moved to the final desk and finally joined the lesson and raised his hand a lot. (A little bit drama in a simple story that there is a kid wanting to go to class because it has a lot of fun

Although besides Hanoi & HCM city, I intentionally introduced them to them England, South Africa, America and Australia with interesting things that the kids showed me they really like, 60% class just decided they would travel to Hanoi when they could travel to anywhere one day. They seem to be obsessed with Hanoi.Why Hanoi? And why just Hanoi.

The first day with new students brought me a lot of thoughts. How to see a bigger world from their own current world?”
Ngọc Lê – Fellow Batch 2 of Teach For Vietnam

“Cô đọc một vài câu. Các bạn nếu thấy đúng với mình thì đi chuyển.
Hoạt động ý của cô Miên khiến em cảm động quá ạ !
Rất ít bạn đã đi ra ngoài khỏi tỉnh Tây Ninh. Nhưng bạn nào cũng muốn đi nước ngoài.
Một số bạn phải phụ bố mẹ đi làm nhưng ai cũng muốn được đi học đại học ở Hồ Chí Minh

Ps: Chính những đứa trẻ này là lý do em đến TFV & làm cô giáo ạ ”
Thu Trang – Fellow Batch 1 of Teach For Vietnam