Global Teaching Summit is an annual event hosted by Teach For All to bring together innovative teachers from across our network to engage in learning together. 

In May 2018, this global summit was organized in London, where two members of Teach For Vietnam also traveled all the way from Vietnam to join here. This is a part of their Leadership Development Journey after one year with Teach For Vietnam. This year, the theme revolves around “Re-imagining Education” with awareness (understanding of social, political, and cultural context in which students learn and grow and unlearning the majority narrative) and agency (taking charge of one’s learning and being part of a collective action towards an aligned vision) to better reach all learners. 

Re-imagining Education with Awareness and Agency

The summit has got us to reflect on how we are working in the different communities to foster leadership and ensure children can fulfill their potential. Despite there are clear differences across countries in terms of culture, socio-economics and many variables, there are also significant similarities from place to place in the roots of the inequities that face children. I felt profoundly blessed to be surrounded by such dedicated individuals who inspired me to navigate insights in my own contexts. Hats off for the incredible group of teachers, experts, innovators, thought-leaders, and thought-provokers we have chance to meet from all around Teach For All network who fought relentlessly in their classrooms and community to inspire and empower thousands of children. Returning from this event, I felt so much appreciation for what the experience has taught me…

I appreciate it when someone asks me a question.

I appreciate it when I can think.

I appreciate the fact that there is so much to read, to watch, to listen to and to learn from

I appreciate it when someone asks if I am okay although I don’t answer truthfully most of the time.

I appreciate it when I can look deeply into someone’s eyes and feel connected by thinking of the same thing without verbal communication.

I appreciate it when I am trusted because I am understood.

I appreciate it when someone enjoys my presence and stays in the presence.

I appreciate the fact that I am evolving into a better version of myself

I appreciate it when things were misty, I kept questioning and exploring until when I can see the structure and dynamics with which things work, crystalized.

I appreciate it when sometimes I felt lost but I did not quit.

I appreciate the fact that I can find an echoed voice in this noisy world, in the past and the present that gave me reasons to continue

Our TFV’ers sharing happiness with like-minded international friends of the Teach For All global network, © Teach For Vietnam

Still echoing in my mind is the very last activity in the summit when all of us sit in a close circle not as a diverse and intellectual round-up of teachers, educators, and innovators any more but as a harmonizing group of people. At that very moment, I was able to burst into tears again not for something personal but for being able to dissolve myself into something larger than just my own dream and passion. I felt a strong motivation to pass on this inspiration to our Teach For Vietnam fellows and staff who worked tough hours each day and night to plan lessons and activities for our children and pushing each other’s thinking about the kind of education all Vietnamese students will need to navigate in order to lead in our fast changing world. Despite many challenges, we know we are not alone as we are part of this global movement, joining hands with “rebellious” teachers across the globe who are willing to roll up their sleeves to bring maverick perspectives to old educational challenges.

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Trang Hoang – LDO of Teach For Vietnam