My journey with Teach For Vietnam started off with the position of Leadership Development Officer (LDO) who provides our fellows with on the ground, intensive technical, leadership and emotional support throughout the course of the Fellowship so that fellows can gain the knowledge, skills and mindsets to become successful teachers and leaders. Besides the pedagogical foundations of classroom instruction (e.g. lesson planning, vision setting, classroom culture) and content instruction, one of the most inspirational things about my work is the excitement that goes with coaching and developing fellows to internalize the needed mindsets, beliefs and drive transformational change in education. For me, the desire to see the fellows grow and succeed has taught me the meaning of passion, discipline and hard work.

Along that process, I have been seeing myself transformed in many ways. This “Leadership Development Officer position” has created a space where I have done a lot of un-learning through experiences that have made it clearer to me about what I want to do and who I truly want to become. I have learned so much more than I could have ever imagined. This is also the safe place where I get ton of experiences that have huge power to teach me every single day and so I feel it is undoubtedly worth it.

With the fellows of the Fellowship Program

Now after nearly half a year into the Leadership Development Officer position, I feel as if these Tay Ninh schools and community have been a part of me for so long. I hold a strong belief that these experiences will always be there in our life, hidden in the plain sight all the time and it is our choice to learn from these experiences- the rough way, but also the way of the heart. I am at Teach For Vietnam not because it is already ideal and fantastic place to work but because it has people who are dedicated to relentlessly make it one of such places and have committed their lives to do so.

I believe that every choice we make in this world comes with pros and cons. In my own case the pros will far outweigh the cons at Teach for Vietnam but totally depends on how you process a tough experience and in which lens you are looking through. It’s a choice that is open to each and every single one of us….

Ms. Trang Hoang – Leadership Development Officer