After STEM trip to Singapore ended two weeks ago, I flew to Ha Giang and Ha Noi in order to study more about STEM community and value chain in Agriculture, with an aspiration to usher in an era of high-tech farming at my hometown, Tay Ninh. Altogether sponsored by Teach For Viet Nam and VOAEI.

During the field trips, I was endeavouring to dissect the importance of leadership spirit of the dignitary on the success of social projects.

1/ At Ha Giang Community Learning Center (HCLC), I conceded the social boldness of leaders plays a crucial part in the favourable of the outreach program.

Despite the fact that Ha Giang is one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam with 85-90% of the inhabitants are ethnic minority farmers, living on subsistence agriculture. Yet STEM festival hosted by HCLC attracted great attention of province leaders, policymakers, the press, teachers, parents, and students. From that, HCLC raised awareness of the STEM’s essential need for solving the province problems by using critical thinking applied science.

As the result, HCLC licensed by Department of Education to teach STEM at the public school as an extra activity. Through Ha Giang lens, I postulate that “Visionary” in leadership is exceedingly important to help organization scaling-up the solution.

2/ At Seminar of Trade-Technology Promotion and Attraction of Funding for Vietnam Cooperatives Development, held at Ha Noi, “Democratic” is an effective trait of leadership that I set my heart on.

Entering the conference hall, from top leaders to entrepreneur, and tycoon to small traders, they all speak the same language. The language of doing agriculture well and thoroughly. The language of attracting the capital. Together, seminar participants built consensus through their technical expertise sharing to create consensus and get input.

All opinion be heard. All initiative be considered. On that account, I firmly put my confidence in the positive of nation’s agriculture evolution.

In closing, what a lovely education excursion!

P/s 1: Above is only my quick recap, so feel free to inbox me for more sharing. I also open to any exchange on STEM and Agriculture.

P/s 2: Landed Saigon last midnight in the middle of the storm, I am so thrilled with what I gained from the education tours financed by TFV and be set ready to go Dak Lak for team building in this very night. Hooray! Love, always!

May 21st, 2018

Phong Lê – Teach For Vietnam’s Fellow 2017