We are kicking off our “Classroom Impact” campaign by sharing what Phương Vũ, Teach For Vietnam’s Fellow, is experiencing with sixth graders at Phan Boi Chau Secondary School in Tây Ninh!
Let’s listen to her student after 6 months:
“Being able to voice my opinion is important. My teacher encourages us to let others in the classroom know what I am thinking. Even if it is a unexpected idea or answer, I will still say it, so that the others know and can help me fix it. In the end, my teacher always says there is no wrong answer, the matter is whether I can find the way to prove and to explain my answer or not. I guess if I can’t, I should still let others know, someone might have the same idea and they can support me.”
(Student: Lê Thị Kim Huệ, Class 6A1, Phan Bội Châu Secondary School)
One of Phương’s goals has been to focus on improving the confidence of students to help them develop a growth mindset. She’s keen on promoting an open atmosphere in her classroom, where students feel safe to speak up. Stay tuned for more insights by Fellows and students next Wednesday!
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