TFV successfully established a laboratory room for our STEM For Change program, which applies the fablab model from the global network ( but is more focused on STEM education. At present, our Fab Lab’s mission is to promote both educational equity and agricultural innovations in Tay Ninh by providing ubiquitous access to technology. Our Fablab serves as classroom, a makerspace and a hub for locals, especially students, to learn about STEM principles and applications, experiment and develop ideas. Together with Fablab, our team created FARMBOT, a model helping to plant and take care of vegetables automatically and also taught this model at our schools.

The establishing of a Fablab and Farmbot, together with STEM fellowship, is promised to create a creative learning environment so that our students can reach their potentials in STEM.

Address: Tay Ninh Youth Center, 4th Floor, 30/4 Street, Ward 3, Tay Ninh Province