Everything starts with children’s curiosity and books can be a door to a world unknown to them. A library is an open space for the students to joyfully discover the world without knowing anything in advance. However, books in current school libraries in Tay Ninh don’t meet the need of students and local teachers in terms of both quality and quantity.

Students and local teachers don’t have access to school clubs and social events. Almost all contests/competitions at schools are about academic performance.

Due to the shortage of high quality books and ineffective library management, students and local teachers in Tay Ninh lack reading interest, which reduces their chances of being exposed to and critically explore different views on life and development trends in this global world.

Green library, green future

This event is the first activity of the “Library Project”. The former is ideated, proposed and implemented by second-year fellows, and under the support of Teach For Vietnam staff. The “Library Project” project aims to form and enhance students’ reading habits. One of project activities is undertaking play-and-learn games that help students see knowledge interesting and useful.

This was an award for fellows of Teach For Vietnam who spent hours brainstorming, planning and designing the engaging activities. They are from many regions along Vietnam, uniting and joining Teach For Vietnam Fellowship for a joint vision that all children in Vietnam will attain an excellent education.